Last night out!

So vacation is going towards the end but we had 1 last night so we went out with our friend Jesper that we met in Shanghai last spring- he is now a student at UCLA and that seemed to be soo much fun..i was seriously thinking about going back to school..

Me at the Standards balcony- really good hotel if you are staying in Hollywood!

Gustaf and Jesper at Speranza. Jesper lives in LA and he took us out for a night on the town!

Me at Speranza- this was the best restaurant we went to in LA- It is in Silverlake which was a really cozy laidback area and the homemade pasta here was fantastic! And dont forget to bring your own wine- they are not allowed to serve alcohol here so everybody brings their own!

We went to a really cool place called My house- it was like going to someones houseparty and they had a bbq on the terrace where you got Hotdogs- fantastic idea!

Jesper and Gustaf at My House


  1. Mahsa Bouromand

    NINA, you are so hot! Puss

  2. Mercii, sötnos!

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