End of Fuxing road

Since my character has been impressing me a lot lately i dragged myself away to a hot yoga class tonight which was fantastic since i got away from this depressingly raw cold!

My instructor said we should go every day for 2 months and then we would start to improve..does not feel like a realistic goal to me so i will continue with my maximum 1-2 times a week and pretend like i am a real yogi anyway.

I go to Y+ which is a great place with really good instructors. They have 2 locations, 1 in Xintandi and 1 at the end of Fuxing road and this area is really nice with my favorite interior shop Casa Pagoda, a Ginger cafe and some other small independent shops.

Adress is 299 Fuxing Rd close to Huashan Rd

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