Today we will leave on a worktrip to Cambodia- it will be so exciting to see all our big factories and wash mills over there and i am really looking forward to it!

Last time i was in Cambodia was 3 years ago but then it was vacation- We stayed in Phnnom Penh for a few days at a fantastic Guesthouse called Bodditree- check out the link:

Then we took a bus to the fantastic beachtown Sihanoukville where we stayed in a bungalow on the hills called Cloud 9.

It was a fantastic vacation and i really recommend you to visit Cambodia before it gets too exploited- i dont know how Thailand was 15 years ago but i can imagine it was similar to how Cambodia was when we were there..GO!

This picture is from Boddhi tree in Phnom Penh

View from the FCC bar- nice place for a afternoon drink but of course very very touristy!

After some days of chaos in the big city we arrived to paradise! This is the view from Cloud 9 restaurant- the Amokka here was the best thing i have ever eaten- a true piece of heaven!!

Daiqiri hut on the more secluded beach Otres was another favorite hangout! Their fresh mango daiquiri was to die for!

I will update you with more fresh pictures before the week is over!

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