Angkor Wat

Time flies and we were a bit stressed when we arrived to Angkor Wat and they told us that it would close in 2 hours so time to speed it up!!

We started with the Bayon temple in Angkor Thom which is the towers with 214 smiling faces and the walls are decorated with carvings of historical events- so beautiful!

Then we took a tuk- tuk to my favorite temple of the day- Ta Prohm which is the original Tomb raider temple where the jungle has not been stalled and gigantic gnarled roots twist and grip the temple walls- it looks unreal!!

After this we went to the biggest and most famous temple- Angkor Wat. It was amazingly beautiful but too packed with people to be truly enjoyed.

To make Angkor Wat in 2 hours is maybe not to recommend but it is workable!

The entrance to Angkor ThomThe entrance to the Bayon templeAt the Ta Prohm templeAt Angkor WatPalm tree juice- really sweet but i liked it!

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