Miami- Last night

Last day in Miami we hung out by our cozy pool and then we had some lunch at a cuban cafe called davids cafe which was supposed to be really good but i did not really like it..

In the evening we met up with Sofie and Eric for the last Miami dinner for this time and we went to Joe’s stonecrab located on 11 washington ave- this is a must if you are going to Miami, the food was soo delicious!

We ended the night at Set where Eric was having his own party and it was great, too bad we had a plane to catch early in the morning so we could not keep going till the end..

Love Miami!!!!

Last night dinner at Joe's stonecrab

The food here was amazing- Stonecrab that you can only eat in Florida

Me, Sofie and Paolo Mojo at Set

Eric was having a party at Set and the crowd was crazy!

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