MAO livehouse

Yesterday we went to MAO livehouse to see an american band called The Secret Machines, i thought they were great and i really liked this industrial building MAO livehouse is located in!

It is located in a quite new area called Redtown where i have never been to before but i thought it looked really interesting- definitely have to come back by day to check out the shops and galleries as well!

The secret machines

The secret machines

The secret machines

So fantastic that the cranberry juice cost 20 rmb and the cosmopolitan costs 30 rmb- even more fantastic when the drink consists of 90% alcohole and 10% cranberry juice- Stockholm watch and learn!

The price strategy here was reaaly funny..a cosmo for 30 rmb and a glass of cranberry juice was 20 rmb- if you tasted the drinks you would understand since 90% was vodka and the rest was juice..

My new friend Lisa

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